Sun Ray Cafe started from very humble backgrounds. We ventured into the F&B scene without any knowledge and preparation, and learnt the ropes the very hard way when we found we  were very much behind industrial standards in our initial days. In a way, this extraordinary  journey sharpened our capabilities and senses, and strengthened our foundation for further  developments.

We started as a pet-friendly cafe offering very elementary food cooked by untrained staff, and  packaged coffee brewed by untrained baristas. As we built up our finances, it’s our deliberate  and continual focus to plough back the earnings into capability development. We managed to  engage very experienced and trained chefs, averaging 10 years of experience each. We sent our  staff to barista courses held under the ambit of Specialty Coffee of Association of Europe (SCAE), and the boss himself subscribed to various professional level courses organised by both SCAE and Specialty Coffee of Association of America (SCAA), both of which are industry standard setters. Having learnt the skills, Sun Ray Cafe started to roast coffee beans for internal use and for retail, and offer hand brewed coffees on top of the usual lattes and cappuccinos.

With an increase in coffee interest in our customers, we also offer both home barista course and SCAE certified barista course frequently within the cafe. Having systematically and rigorously built our foundation, we spent the last year improving our dessert and pet meal menus. While we bake some desserts in house, we also source from various pastry suppliers to offer a tempting selection of more than 10 desserts. For our pet’s menu, we have started baking doggie cakes for birthday celebrations.

While we are pet-friendly, we remain cognizant that there are guests who prefer not to dine with pets. As such, our 70 seater cafe is divided into 2 sections, one of which is closed to pets. In recent years, we see increasing bookings of our place for pet parties and other celebrations. We also tap on to social media to reach out to our increasing number of customers. We welcome all types of feedback because we believe each represents a unique customer perspective – good and bad – to allow us to come face with face with our blind spots and strengthen our processes. We diligently reply to all negative feedback in our Facebook page, and make sure all complaints are resolved amicably. Of course, good feedback affirm what we have been doing well and give us a boost in confidence.

In summary, we aim to be a pet-friendly cafe offering restaurant style food and specialty coffee roasted in house by certified baristas, with a cosy, welcoming and intimate ambience.

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